Copyright shall extend to literary, artistic and scientific works, irrespective of the purpose of creation, mode of expression or value thereof, expressed in the following forms:

Copyright objects

  • literary works (stories, essays, novels, poems, etc.);
  • computer programs which shall be protected in the same manner as literary works;
  • scientific works;
  • dramatic and dramatico-musical, scenarios and storyboards, librettos, and film synopses;
  • musical works with or without words;
  • choreographic works and mimed works;
  • audiovisual works;
  • works of painting and sculpture, graphic works and works of fine art;
  • works of architecture, urban planning and park and garden design;
  • works of applied art;
  • photographic works and works obtained by any process analogous to photography;
  • maps, plans, sketches and three-dimensional works relating to geography, topography, architecture and other scientific fields;
  • databases;
  • derived worksinclude translations, adaptations, annotations, musical arrangements, and any other transformations of literary, artistic or scientific works provided that they represent results of intellectual creation.
  • composite works:collections of literary, artistic or scientific works such as encyclopaedias and anthologies, compilations of other materials or data, whether protected or not, including databases, which, on account of the selection and systematization of their content, represent results of intellectual creation.

Creations and other objects not protected by copyright

  • official documents of legislative, administrative or political nature(laws, court decisions), and official translations thereof;
  • state emblems and official signs (flags, armorial bearings, decorations, monetary signs, etc.);
  • folklore expressions;
  • daily news and facts of simple informational nature.

Copyright shall comprise moral (personal) rights and economic rights.

  1. Moral (personal) rights of an author may not be the subject matter of a renunciation or assignment and shall be imprescriptible, even if the author transfers his economic rights:
  • the right of authorship;
  • the right of name;
  • the right to respect for the integrity of his work;
  • the right to disclose his work;
  • the right of withdrawal of his work.
  1. Exclusive economic rights:
  • reproduction of the work;
  • distribution of the original or copies of the work;
  • rental of the copies of the work, except for the works of sculpture and works of applied art;
  • importation of copies of the work for the purposes of distribution, including copies made with the authorization of the author or other holder of copyright;
  • presentation of the work in public;
  • public performance of the work;
  • communication of the work by air to the public, including satellite (broadcasting by television and radio), or by cable;
  • simultaneous retransmission and without modifications, by air or cable, of the work transmitted by air or cable;
  • interactive making available to the public of the work;
  • translation of the work;
  • transformation, adaptation, arrangement or any other modifications of the work, except for the cases when carrying out the actions under letters a)–k) is not included in the form of expression of the work, and which has no prescribed sanctions.

Our patent attorneys provide comprehensive services and legal assistance with respect to all types of property subject to copyright and related rights in the territory of Moldova, including software, databases audio & video products, movies, literary works.

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  • representing in disputes in case of copyright and related rights infringement;
  • strategic legal consulting regarding the process of copyright registration;
  • representation before law enforcement authorities.

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