The trademark is any sign or any combination of signs susceptible of graphic representation serving to distinguish the goods or services of certain natural / legal persons from those of other persons.

The most common types of trademarks are:

  • word mark
  • figurative
  • combined /logotype
  • three-dimensional

The owner of the trademark shall have the exclusive right to dispose and exploit the trademark, and also the right to prohibit other parties from making use of the trademark on the territory of the Republic of Moldova throughout the validity period of the trademark concerned.

A trademark shall be registered for a 10 year-period starting from the filing date. Trademark registration may be renewed for consecutive 10- year periods whenever required.

Under Moldavian laws, non-residents should exercise their rights and powers in respect of intellectual property via patent attorneys. The patent attorneys of our Company provide comprehensive services and legal assistance with respect to trademarks in the territory of Moldova and Transnistria (the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic).

Please note what registered trademarks in Moldova, by national or international system, are not protected in Transnistria (the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic).

INTELSTART services include:

  • preliminary trademark search;
  • trademark registration under national and international procedures;
  • drafting and filing of responses to refusals in trademark registration;
  • drafting and filing of appeals to refusals in trademark registration;
  • filling oppositions against trademark registration;
  • recordal of amendments in trademark applications and registrations;
  • cancellation of trademark registrations;
  • obtaining of duplicate of registration certificates;
  • negotiations with the holders of opposing trademarks;
  • drafting assignment agreements;
  • drafting agreements on the coexistence of trademarks;
  • providing legal support during the trademark rights licensing;
  • trademark certificates renewal;
  • assistance in recognizing trademark as well-known;
  • representation before law enforcement authorities;

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